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Scientico's Animal Incinerators: Efficient Animal Waste Management Solutions


High Capacity Incineration Systems by Scientico - Efficient and Reliable Solutions for Waste Disposal


High Capacity Incineration Systems by Scientico - Efficient and Reliable Solutions for Waste Disposal


Welcome to Scientico, your premier source for cutting-edge solid waste incinerators

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    Animal Incinerators
    Discover Scientico's Animal Incinerators, the ultimate solution for effective animal waste management. Our versatile range of incinerators caters to various industries, including poultry, pig and sheep farms, veterinary practices, rendering plants, test centres, hunt kennels, zoos, and pet cremation businesses. With a focus on bio-security measures, our incinerators are designed for robustness, ease of operation, and long-term efficiency. Choose Scientico for reliable, compliant, and sustainable animal waste management.
  • medical waste incinerator
    Medical Incinerator
    Scientico's Medical Range offers a comprehensive selection of incinerators tailored specifically for medical/pharmaceutical, hazardous, and hospital waste management. With the capability to effectively dispose of various types of pathological and medical waste, our incinerators ensure safe and efficient waste elimination. Features: - Capability to effectively dispose  - Ensure safe and efficient - Hospital waste management
  • large animal incinerator
    High Capacity Incineration
    Description: Scientico is a trusted provider of high capacity incinerators, offering a wide range of efficient and reliable solutions for waste disposal. With burn rates ranging from 150-1200kg/hr, our incineration systems are designed to handle large volumes of waste across diverse industries worldwide. Experience our expertise in high capacity incineration as we offer automatic options for loading, de-ashing, filtration, and monitoring. Choose from our selection of rotary, static hearth, ram, and screw fed systems, all equipped to treat and destroy waste 100%.
  • incineration of solid waste
    General and Municipal Waste Incinerator
    Welcome to Scientico, your premier source for cutting-edge solid waste incinerators. With our extensive experience and unwavering commitment to excellence, we have established ourselves as a global leader in providing top-quality solutions for municipal and general waste disposal. Our incinerators are designed to handle a wide range of solid waste types, offering efficient disposal at an impressive rate of up to 1.5 tonnes per hour.




We Design, Manufacture, Commission And Provide Maintenance For Our Entire Range Of Incinerators.


Our Incinerators Are Covered By The Standard And Extended Warranty, With Qualified Personnel.


The Qualified Personnel (Technical Engineers) Ensure Fluency In The Equipment's Operation According To The Warranty Conditions.

Spare Parts

We Provide Spare Parts And Consumables For The Equipment Sold.


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Frequently Ask Questions

An incinerator is a device designed to safely burn and dispose of various types of waste through controlled combustion. At Scientico Instruments, our incinerators use high temperatures to break down waste materials, reducing them to ash and other byproducts.

Incinerators are crucial in waste management because they help reduce the volume of waste, eliminate hazardous materials, and minimize the need for landfill disposal. This contributes to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

Incinerators offer several benefits, including efficient waste reduction, pollution control, and the potential for energy recovery. They are also versatile and can handle various waste types, making them a valuable waste management tool.

Yes, there are various types of incinerators, including solid waste incinerators, medical waste incinerators, and hazardous waste incinerators. At Scientico Instruments, we offer a range of incinerator solutions to meet specific needs.

Some regions offer incentives for environmentally responsible waste management practices, including incineration. We can provide information on available incentives in your area.

Incinerators can safely dispose of various materials, including medical waste, municipal solid waste, hazardous waste, animal carcasses, and more. We ensure compliance with regulations for each waste type.

Yes, at Scientico Instruments, we specialize in providing custom incinerator solutions to meet unique requirements. Our engineering team can design and build incinerators tailored to your specific needs.

Incinerator manufacturers in India, including Scientico Instruments, play a vital role in the global waste management market by offering innovative and cost-effective solutions.

We are one of the leading incinerator suppliers in India, providing state-of-the-art solutions for waste management and disposal.

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