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Integrated Autoclave With Shredder (Ias)

Integrated Autoclave With Shredder (Ias)



Revolutionize medical waste management with Scientico’s Bio Medical Waste Management: Integrated Autoclave with Shredder (IAS).

Technical Specifications

  1. Type: Vertical / Horizontal – Cylindrical
  2. Capacity: 80L to 500L and above
  3. Construction: Stainless Steel AISI 304/316/316L or above
  4. Automation: Fully automated with PLC control panel and online printer
  5. Operating Temperature: 126-140 degree Centigrade
  6. Door Mechanism: Automatic operation
  7. Waste Shredding: State-of-the-art integrated mechanism
  8. Gasket: High-temperature resistant silicon
  9. Vacuum System: Water film vacuum pump
  10. Tests and Certifications: Leakage tests, Bowie+ Dick Test
  11. Start Uptime: Low
  12. Safety Features: Audio & visual alarm

Microprocessor PLC Controlled Operations

  1. High-Speed and Slow-Speed Cycles with Vacuum purging
  2. Bowie + Dick Test, Leakage Test
  3. Operator’s Choice cycles


  1. Microbial Inactivation: Exceeds STAATT Level III (99.9999%)
  2. Waste Volume Reduction: 60-80%
  3. Cycle Time: 30 to 75 min


  1. On-site and Off-site Medical Waste Disposal for Hospitals, Healthcare centers, Medical waste disposal facilities, and Centralized Facilities.

Features & Advantages

  1. Closed System: Shredding and sterilization in a compact, easily disassembled system.
  2. On-site Solution: Integrated autoclave and shredder for safe disposal.
  3. Automated Process: Complete automated treatment, reducing reliance on operation teams.
  4. Compact Design: Minimizes space requirements.

Revolutionize medical waste management with Scientico’s Integrated Autoclave with Shredder – Setting new standards for safety, efficiency, and sustainability in healthcare waste disposal!

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